Privacy Policy V3.1

Thank you for visiting our website We are The Morris Hall Trust. We own and manage The Morris Hall Shrewsbury. We want to explain what personal data we collect when you visit our website and when you do business with us, how we use that data, and how you can contact us about it.

1. Personal data that you give us

1.1 We ask for some personal data from you in order to prepare for and to fulfill our contract with you as hirer (us) and hiree (you) or provider of services related to a hire (you) of  The Morris Hall Shrewsbury. The legal basis for this data collection is therefore ‘contract’.

1.2 If you choose to use the Contact Form on our website to be in touch with us, we will ask you to give your consent (by ticking a box) to our website collecting some of this personal data and sending it to us by email so that we can respond to your enquiry. If you prefer not to use the Contact Form, you may email us.

1.3 You give us personal data when you complete the Contact Form on our website, email us, telephone us, meet with us and when you complete and return our Booking Application Form or Provision of Services Agreement. This data may include, but not be restricted to, your name, email address, telephone number, address, event details, insurer, bank account details. We store your data securely and we use it to manage your enquiry or booking or services provision only in order to prepare for and fulfill our contract with you. We do not send you marketing information nor share your details with any Third Parties for marketing purposes. The data you give us may be kept indefinitely for our records and may need to be kept for up to 6 years for legal reasons.

1.4 The Availability Calendar on our website does not contain any personal data that could be used to identify you.

1.5 Our processes are designed to be as realistically secure as possible to protect your data. We use Google Workspace by Google for email and document storage (Google Workspace encrypts emails and documents stored, for more information please see We cannot guarantee that information that you include in your enquiry via our Contact Form or in any other emails regarding your enquiry or booking will be encrypted at all stages of its life, as it may pass through service providers who do not encrypt their email systems or devices where data is not encrypted.

1.6 We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) – a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client – to encrypt any data sent between your browser and our website. You can tell we do this because our website url starts with https:// rather than http:// and your browser will tell you that our website is secure by showing the word ‘Secure’ and/or a green padlock icon or similar.

1.7 If you wish to ask us about the personal data you have given us or if you wish to request that we delete it from our systems, please email us at, and we will do our best to help you. However, the data you give us may need to be kept for up to 6 years for legal reasons.

2. Other data that we may collect when you visit our website

2.1 The website uses Limit Login Attempts Reloaded security software which tracks IP addresses to limit the number of login attempts from any IP address. This helps to prevent brute force attack login attempts by unauthorised users. We do this to keep our website protected and secure. However, we opt to turn on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance, so all logged IP addresses get obfuscated (md5-hashed), which means you can’t be personally identified.

2.2 The website uses WP Google Maps software to display a map of the location of the Morris Hall Shrewsbury. This is to help you find us.

Before you see our Google Map for the first time you will need to give your consent for the map to be displayed via a consent notice supplied by WP Google Maps. Once you give your consent the map will be displayed.  The consent notice will read as follows:

I agree for my personal data to be processed by Morris Hall Shrewsbury, for the purpose(s) of displaying map tiles, geocoding addresses and calculating and display directions.

I agree for my personal data, provided via map API calls, to be processed by the API provider, for the purposes of geocoding (converting addresses to coordinates), reverse geocoding and generating directions.

Some visual components of WP Google Maps use 3rd party libraries which are loaded over the network. At present the libraries are Google Maps, Open Street Map, jQuery DataTables and FontAwesome. When loading resources over a network, the 3rd party server will receive your IP address and User Agent string amongst other details. Please refer to the Privacy Policy of the respective libraries for details on how they use data and the process to exercise your rights under the GDPR regulations.

WP Google Maps uses jQuery DataTables to display sortable, searchable tables, such as that seen in the Advanced Marker Listing and on the Map Edit Page. jQuery DataTables in certain circumstances uses a cookie to save and later recall the “state” of a given table – that is, the search term, sort column and order and current page. This data is held in local storage and retained until this is cleared manually. No libraries used by WP Google Maps transmit this information.

Please see here and here for Google’s terms. Please also see Google’s Privacy Policy. We do not send the API provider any personally identifying information, or information that could uniquely identify your device.

Where this notice is displayed in place of a map, agreeing to this notice will store a cookie recording your agreement so you are not prompted again.

3. Cookies

One cookie is placed by WP Google Maps, and it records your consent, as described in point 2.2 above. It is named wpgmza-api-consent-given. It is a necessary and functional cookie stored in your browser. It tells our website that you have previously given your consent to display our WP Google Map, so that you are not prompted to give your consent every time you visit. If, after giving your consent, you change your mind, you may choose to clear/delete the cookie via your browser settings at any time, but the next time you visit our Location page you will again see the WP Google Maps consent notice.

One cookie is placed by the Google reCAPTCHA Spam protection facility on our WPForms Contact Form. The reCAPTCHA sets a necessary and functional cookie named _GRECAPTCHA when executed for the purpose of providing its risk analysis. Links to Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms are given with the reCAPTCHA symbol next to the I’m not a robot tick box on the Contact Form. If you prefer not to accept this cookie, then you may email us rather than using the Contact Form. If you have used our Contact Form and this cookie has been set in your browser, you may may choose to clear/delete the cookie via your browser settings at any time.

4. Other websites that we link to from our website

We may link to other websites from this website to help you find resources that may be useful to you. When you click those links and visit these other websites (where the url does not begin with, our policies and processes will cease to apply. Each website you visit will have its own Privacy Policy and processes and we have no control over or responsibility for them.

5. How to contact us

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy please contact us by emailing, and we will do our best to help you.

Please tell us the Version number of the Privacy Policy you are asking about. We are always reviewing our processes in order to comply with the latest legislation, and therefore reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy, please check back here regularly to make sure you are familiar with the latest version. V3.1 was published on 25 October 2022. Thank you.